In order to achieve and ensure the optimal effect of the Skinyxx® Sport Gels, we ask you to follow our application instructions!All Skinyxx® Sports Gels work according to the same principle and are optimally suited for care, regeneration and therapy measures, also in combination with other skin products. The only exceptions are fatty products. Otherwise, please Always apply your Skinyxx® Sport Gel last. Before applying your Skinyxx® Sport Gel, the product applied first must be completely absorbed in the skin and dried


Application notes Skinyxx® Sport Foot Protector

  • Wash feet well and dry.
  • Massage the gel accurate on feet (soles, toes, nail bed, webs)
  • Use extremely sparingly: A strong pump surge is sufficient for use on one foot!
  • Let the gel work for at least 2-3 minutes
  • Important: Any excessive excess of the gel, which can no longer penetrate the skin barrier, should be removed by a single wash when used in wet areas such as bathrooms and saunas. Possible danger of slipping on wet and smooth floors! The effect of the Skinyxx Foot Protector is not affected
  • To promote the regeneration of corneal calluses, blisters, eczema, embrittlement, infections,cracks, etc., the application must be performed at least twice a day (morning and evening) until symptoms subsided
  • For prevention, especially after the symptoms have subsided, a daily application (once daily / in the morning) should be carried out

Skinyxx® Sport Foot Protector. Our  foot Specialist. Ideal for diabetic foot


For symptom-free, healthy and beautiful feet for all sports, professional and everyday demands. Also optimally suited for care, regeneration and therapy measures. Or just for the prophylactic protection and the health of your feet. For this product, we use a different type of stearate and PVP. The concentration of the protection mechanism is set very high. Made for use on healthy to damaged and diseased feet.


The triple active skin protection for your feet


If used properly, SKINYXX® Sport Foot Protector promotes skin protection for up to 4 hours at and against:

  • Fungal infections and others
  • Blistering
  • Strong corneal formation
  • Pressure points and heel damage
  • Impact damage
  • Embrittlement & cracks
  • Welding foot
  • Reflux of sweat
  • Substances harmful to the organism
  • Disinfectants a.o.
  • Diabetic foot

For symptom-free, healthy and beautiful feet in all sporting conditions. Also optimally suited for care, regeneration and therapy measures. Or just for the prophylactic protection and health of your feet with long shoes wear, sauna sessions, swimming pool visits, etc ..


SKINYXX® Sport Foot Protector is a silicone-, grease-, perfume-free and soap- and water-resistant skin protection product for your feet, which is used for prevention and regeneration.


SKINYXX® Sport Foot Protector, with regular use (at least twice a day), supports and restores the regeneration of existing corneal calluses, infections, blisters and tears.


SKINYXX® Sport Foot Protector reduces the problems of frequent shoe-sealing and facilitates cleaning in case of gross soiling by grass, soil. Bitumen etc.


Mode of action:

The active ingredient (Skinyxx-Barrier-Technology ©) penetrates into the outer layer of the epidermis after application, thereby strengthening the natural barrier. Cracks and microtrauma are occluded and make penetration of allergens, fungal spores, etc. difficult. Feet can be cleaned several times with soap and water, disinfectants, and special cleaners without losing protection. The cleaning after dirty activities is greatly facilitated. 


Areas of application:

  • For protection and hygiene in saunas, indoor and outdoor pools, gyms, fitness centers, changing rooms and shower cabins etc.
  • In existing fungal infections and to avoid those
  • For regeneration and prevention of existing corneal problems, blisters, cracks, bruises, impact damage, etc.
  • For daily prevention in sports, work and leisure with swelling of the skin by frequent sealing with road, sport and mountain boots, rubber boots, etc.
  • For protection during summer gardening, walks and in beach baths etc.
  • Against strong arrests of dirt (bitumen, grass, earth, etc.) on bare feet.
  • Ideal for protection and regeneration of diabetic foot
  • For the protection and regeneration of children's feet in swimming pools and leisure facilities
  • For protection against sweaty feet and athlete's foot when wearing shoes without socks

All natural functions such as breathing, perspiration, physical and thermal sensations, fat regulation remain completely preserved. 


Ingredients according to INCI: Aqua, Stearic Acid, Propylene Glycol. Cetyl Alcohol. Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Cocamineoxide. Glyceryl Stearate, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin

Content:  100ml


Tested and recommended:

  • Dermatological report (dermatologically tested), Allergy ambulance / Dermatology department of the LKH-Landeskrankenhaus Salzburg (A)
  • Expertise on Toxicology and Environmental, Toxicology ~ Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Vienna (A)
  • Expertise on protective effect and reduction of irritation - Dermatological Clinic with Polyclinic / University of Erlangen (D)