SkinYxx® Sport Cosmeceuticals - Your second Skin

Special skin protection gel for healthy, pain-free, resistant and powerful Skin


Unique instant protection & sensational regeneration


against and at:

Prevention is better than cure!


It does not matter if you are a professional or an amateur athlete, if sport is part of your lifestyle, then Skinyxx® Sport Gels belong to your equipment. Tailored to every skin type and condition, they protect you from the biggest enemies of athlete skin such as friction, pressure, moisture, fungal infections, harmful and irritating substances and thus against painful, annoying and performance-reducing skin damage such as blisters, cornea, chafing and protracted therapies on hand, body and feet. Skinyxx® Sports Gels are the only sports skin protection products that can be used on already damaged and diseased skin and also promote rapid relief and sensationally rapid recovery. So you stay operational and powerful despite skin problems. With Skinyxx® Sports Gels you not only strengthen your skin but also your performance, self-confidence and well-being.

Anti-skin stress! Skinyxx Sport Protector Gels protect thighs, intimate, underarm and chest area, face etc. and promote fast regeneration of:

  • chafe and sore Skin
  • skin irritations and acne
  • allergic reactions e.g. through chlorine, lime, secretions …
  • blisters, inflammation, eczema
  • skin fungus, pollutants, dirt
  • hair root inflammation on the coccyx
  • environmental aging and wrinkles
  • dehydration, itching and other ...

Everything under control at all times! Skinyxx Sport Protector Gels protect your hands and promote the regeneration of:

  • cornea, cracks, embrittlement
  • blisters, eczema and inflammation
  • "bursting" of the fingertips
  • allergic reactions, itching
  • irritants and pollutants, dirt
  • cracked webs and more ...

Foot health is the foundation of well-being, performance and success. Skinyxx Sport Foot Protector Gel protects your feet and promotes the regeneration of:

  • bruises and sore skin (e.g., toes, bales, heel)
  • blisters, tears, inflammation, eczema
  • cornea and embrittlement
  • athlete's foot, pollutants, warts
  • welding foot and diabetic foot
  • shock damage to toes and other ...

Complaint-free, healthy and beautiful nails. Skinyxx Nail-Protector protects your fingernails and toenails and promotes an accelerated regeneration of:

  • fungal nail infections
  • inflamed nail beds (e.g., by nail biting)
  • impact damage
  • torn and brittle nails
  • nail deformation
  • discoloration



Opposite to creams or ointments that are as protective only on the skin surface and quickly rub off, SkinYxx®Cosmeceuticals form a protective shield inside the uppermost Skin layer - like a second Skin.


Complaint-free active with SkinYxx-Barrier-Technology ©

  • unique 4-hour instantaneous protection against skin damage, irritation and skin problems due to nearly all harmful external influences, such as e.g. scouring, friction, pressure, environmental pollutants, perspiration, moisture, allergens, aggressive and harmful substances, fungal infections etc.
  • direct optimization of skin texture and natural skin functions
  • corneal regulating



Get well fast with SkinYxx Barrier Technology ©

  • sensational regeneration effect on skin damage, skin problems and skin infections by activating natural processes
  • immediate stabilization, reinforcement and repair of the epidermis after stress
  • relieves the symptoms of itchy, damaged, diseased and problematic skin


THE UNIQUE SkinYxx-Barrier-Technology©

Normal to intensive use

without Skinyxx® Skin Protection Gel


Damage to the skin due to irritation, friction, pressure, perspiration, moisture, pollutants, aggressive substances, allergens, dirt, etc.

Consequences: Bruised, sore, dry, cracked & brittle skin, blisters, cornea, ev. intake of pollutants into the organism, infections, inflammations, irritations, allergies, fungal diseases, etc.

 Normal to intensive use

with Skinyxx® Skin Protection Gel

Application: 2 - 4 times a day provides reliable protection in sports, work and everyday life. Even with already damaged skin!

Advantage: Up to 4 hours protection against friction, pressure, perspiration, moisture, irritants and pollutants, allergens, etc.. Strong natural regeneration and corneal reduction, infection and inflammation prophylaxis 

  • The Skinyxx-Barrier-Technology© is a unique active ingredient combination that is very similar to the natural barrier (stratum corneum / horny layer)
  • The active ingredient penetrates (not only on!) The outer layer of the epidermis and dries out
  • The Skinyxx-Barrier-Technology © creates a type of artificial stronger horn cells in the uppermost skin layer. Thus, directly during the application of the gel Cornea cracks and Skin cracks are completely filled and the (still) existing horn cells reinforced. The skin surface is much more smooth (but not slippery)
  • After a short exposure time, a "multiply reinforced, optimal skin status" is achieved, which optimizes the natural functions (respiration, water and heat release, fat regulation) of the skin surface and does not affect it in any way (similar to a membrane).
  • For a period of up to 4 hours, the barrier acts as an almost insurmountable protective shield, even after repeated washing and sweating, against external influences and allows a demonstrable reduction of irritation and skin damage through friction, pressure, aggressive substances, allergens, irritants and pollutants of any kind, etc.
  • Due to the permanent regeneration of the skin, the active ingredient is naturally removed again (repulsion of the natural horn cells)
  • Applicable on all skin regions except mucous membranes
  • With regular use (at least twice a day) excess cornea is greatly reduced and the formation of new growth extremely inhibited. Blistering and chronic infections are also inhibited and prevented. The skin status is greatly improved. The barrier is far more resistant to athletic demands



þ acting in the skin - not on it!
þ absolutely water, sweat and soap resistant
þ for all skin types and skin conditions
þ ideally suited for already damaged skin, blisters, cornea, eczema, inflammation,   atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, allergies, fungal and nail fungus …
þ promotes a strongly accelerated Regeneration
þ skin can breathe freely and Sweat
þ no moisture accumulation and optimal TEWL!
þ short exposure time

þ resistant and extremely long-lasting

þ active substance is NOT absorbed by the organism

þ safe for wetsuits and multifunctional clothing

þ simple and accurate application

þ no staining on skin or clothing

þ ideal for hot and cold temperatures

þ protects without disturbing: no slipping or sticking!

þ for all body regions

þ perfect for traveling



Skinyxx® cosmeceuticals stem from the research and development of "dermatological-pharmaceutical drugs" and "cosmetically functional specialties". The result is unique "skin protection products with highly effective barrier mechanisms" for all skin types and age groups. For more than 20 years extremely successfully used as professional skin protection products in industry, care, therapy, medicine, sports and hobby and proven millionfold. Permanent further developments guarantee a maximum of individual application possibilities, reliability and skin compatibility.

Highest skin compatibility and quality are the basic values of our actions and our promise to you!


All our products have proven themselves millions of times and undergo countless quality and practical tests - internally, externally ... and extremely successfully, as we and our users realize.


Of course, all Skinyxx products are free of parabens, oil, fat, perfume, silicone, cortisone or other pharmacological agents.



According To GMP Guidelines

DIN EN ISO 22716


 Dermatological tested and confirmed

  • Dermatology department of the LKH-Salzburg (A) / dermatologically tested
  • Allergy ambulance, State Clinic Salzburg (A)Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Vienna (A)
  • Dermatological Clinic with Polyclinic - University of Erlangen (D)




The SkinYxx® Sport Skin-Protector products are mainly used in the prevention of healthy skin up to the treatment of damaged, diseased and very sensitive skin, for the prevention and regeneration of skin problems, skin damage and skin diseases. As every skin condition and every body region has individual requirements for effective protection, we have tailored the active substances responsible for the protective mechanism and regeneration individually and optimally to the respective requirements.



What are Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals?

Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals are skin care products that lie within the border between cosmetics and medicine. The innovative active ingredients contained therein are extremely effective and have an exceptionally high active profile, which is given a medical effect. When you quickly reach your limits with conventional cosmetic products and dispense with side effects on medical products, you achieve astounding results with Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals and the desired effects on the skin are noticeable and visible within a short period of time.

What do Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals aim?
The goal of Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals is not only the maintenance of the beauty, but above all the protective measures for the maintenance of the health and the activation of the body's natural regeneration processes (in already existing problems such as damaged skin, cornea, blisters, irritations, allergies, neurodermatitis , Infections, acne, etc.) of your most important organ - THE SKIN!

Where are Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals used?
Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals are recommended for prophylactic and preventive use in all sports, hobbies, leisure activities and all work areas, as well as for the reliable support of the body's regeneration in already existing skin diseases by a large number of doctors (dermatologists and company doctors).
Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals can be used independently or as a complement to existing care lines and therapies. They are developed for all skin types and skin conditions. All Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals work according to the same principle. Due to the deliberate abnegation of pharmacological active ingredients, oil, fat, silicone, parabene and perfumes, Skinyxx® cosmeceuticals behave absolutely neutral. Therefore, they are optimally suitable for care, regeneration and therapeutic measures, also in combination with other skin products (also pharmacological) as there can be no cross reaction. The only exception are fat-containing products, which strongly inhibit the effect of Skinyxx® products. Please apply your Skinyxx® product ALWAYS at last. Before using your Skinyxx® product, the first applied product must be completely drafted and dried.

How do Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals work?
Many of the functions are based on the fact that the products do not contain any greasy substances, oils or lipids. A solution (water base) transports the special active substance combination, which makes the main component of the mode of action possible, into (not on!) the outer horn layer. After application, the water is removed by natural processes within a few minutes. The remaining active substance, similar to a granulate, produces a kind of strong artificial horn cells. Degenerate existing horn cells are repaired, missing horn cells are replaced. The natural barrier is thus artificially enhanced without limiting the natural skin functions. The active
substance is repelled, like the corporeal horn cells, by scaling within approximately 4 hours. The duration of the treatment depends on the skin texture and type of stress. Intense scratching and brushing, as well as frequent contact with solvents (e.g., acetone), can shorten the time of use.

Why do Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals accelerate Regeneration?

An optimal and non-damaged skin barrier is naturally capable of defending almost all harmful external influences. Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals produce exactly this effect. Missing and damaged horn cells are filled and unharmed cells are amplified. Thus, Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals succeed in producing the optimal status of the skin barrier within the short exposure time. By renouncing pharmacological agents, our products avoid disturbing and partially painful side effects, e.g. Allergies, damage to healthy skin cells or inhibited cell regeneration. Skinyxx® relies on natural regeneration processes. The upper skin sends permanent signals to the lower skin layers. When the skin is in optimum condition, these signals are increasingly triggered by natural regeneration processes and defense mechanisms are exposed. The longer the skin is in the optimal condition, the stronger is this signaling. The skin can thus very quickly and reliably regenerate and renew itself in the simplest natural way (repulsion of the old skin cells after new formation). This will help your skin to help itself and strengthen the barrier for upcoming stress. The speed of the regeneration is, of course, dependent on the respective skin condition and the frequency of the application of Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you follow our instructions to ensure the optimum effectiveness of your Skinyxx® product.

How reliable are Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals?

Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals are extremely reliable. After a short exposure time of approx. 2 minutes, the skin, as well as small and large skin tears, is reliably protected against almost all harmful external influences (except UV radiation) for a period of up to 4 hours (depending on the activity). Even with repeated cleaning with water and soap, the effect remains over 4 hours. During this time the natural processes for the regeneration of the skin are strongly stimulated and skin problems are counteracted.


Are the natural skin functions or my activities, disturbed or restricted by Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals?
No, just the opposite. Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals support and promote all natural skin functions. And the short exposure time of approx. 2 minutes allows easy use, anywhere and at any time, without disturbing influences on their activities. This is only Skinyxx®:

  • Acts in the skin, not on it (no clogging of the pores)
  • non-greasy
  • normal sense of touch
  • not noticeable or slippery
  • water and soap-proof (4 hours)
  • skin breathes and sweats (optimal heat and water release)
  • optimal grease regulation
  • optimal TEWL
  • odorless
  • no stains on clothes

Why are Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals compatible for everyone?

Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticlas are extremely skin-friendly due to their composition (water-based gel) and effect as well as the deliberate abnegation of allergy-triggering ingredients (e.g. parabenes).

All Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals are:

  • paraben free
  • oil and fat free
  • perfume and silicone-free
  • cortisone free
  • without pharmacological active ingredients

How Skinyxx® cosmeceuticals tested and verified?
Surveys, studies and tests by clinics and universities as well as results from satisfied users in the fields of sports, leisure, therapies, medicine, crafts, industry and service have shown that Skinyxx® cosmeceuticals are universal for almost all areas (except UV radiation) An optimum of protection, prophylaxis, prevention and physical regeneration. In order to provide our customers with a high degree of safety, all Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals are, of course, dermatologically tested and are regularly confirmed by their users' interviews and experience reports. The production is carried out under strictest cosmetic GMP guidelines.


Tested and recommended:

  • Dermatology Department of the LKH - Salzburg / dermatologically tested (A)
  • Allergy ambulance, State Clinics Salzburg (A)
  • Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Vienna (A)
  • Dermatological Clinic with Polyclinic - University of Erlangen (D)
  • Clinical Application Study, Dr. med. Bianca Maria Piraccini, Dermatological Clinic Bologna (IT)

Where do Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals come from?
Skinyxx® Cosmeceuticals are derived from the research and development of "dermatological-pharmaceutical drugs" and "cosmetically functional specialties". The result is unique "skin protection products with highly effective barrier mechanisms" for all skin types and age classes.